Online Learning Platform

AJDA Academy

Challange & Objective

Our Main Objective was to create a unique, flexible platform, that offers the option to live lecture different subjects to members of the Academy, that offers live lecturing tools and accepts card payments.

Our Solution

The solution includes online payments through credit cards and Content Managment System allowing the flexibility of the Academy's administrators. Courses could be added at will, and lecturer can go live any time they please due to our implementation of video conferencing tools on the platforrm

Video conferencing set administrators free from having to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and have it all in on place, one platform.

We also implemented payments through credit cards, again make the bussines easier to run, having all payments in one secure platform that does it all.

Lauch Website
Platform's Administraton Panel

To provide with an administration panel for the platform, we developed a Content Managment System. Providing the capabilities of adding courses, going live to lecture, seeting specific information for every course and many more functionalities.

The platform also supports login through google or facebook, simplifying the job for the users who want to login, also the website is user-friendly and easy to use, providing clear information on any activities related to the chosen course.